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Floor 36: Hit the Pause Button

You may have been waiting for a February loan repayment update.  There will probably be no update worth seeing for a little while, and that’s because Mr. DebtFreeJD and I have a sudden need to stockpile cash for another project for the next few months.

That project is a house.

The sudden need?

I will give you a hint.  For the last while, I have been wearing pants with an elastic band in them to work.  Also, I have become very interested in food.  See here. And here.  And here.

Need more?


Dog DebtFreeJD is making sure she’s prepared.


I realize it is not technically necessary to have a house in order to deliver a baby, but several factors are pushing us in that direction, including:

  • We live under three graduate students, who occasionally have loud parties.
  • We live over three medical residents, who (I assume) have strong feelings about getting enough sleep.
  • Unclear whether moving near the end of pregnancy is better than moving with an infant, but we are hoping that it’s easier when baby is inside me rather than outside.  Also, in the former scenario, I don’t plan to lift so much as a pinkie to help move us, so obviously there are benefits to me.  And Mr. DebtFreeJD is a trooper.*
  • Our landlord just raised our rent by $200/month.  Again.

It’s really that last one that’s the kicker.  Kicking us right out the door.

Despite our best efforts, we so far have been spectacularly unsuccessful in home buying.  Failures include entering into a contract to buy a house that fell apart over the inspection results, and being outbid on another house that sold within 72 hours of being put on the market.  Optimism, however, blooms eternal around here, and we are hoping that we can purchase, close, and move into a house before Baby DebtFreeJD arrives in about four months.  To do that, however, we’ll need the money that we were previously throwing at law school loans, especially since we are not buying a fixer-upper while I can’t bend over to tie my shoe laces without some gymnastics.

Therefore, Project DebtFreeJD is on hold until Project Buy A House to Put A Baby In is complete.  Don’t worry, posting will continue, although it may take a slightly different direction for a bit, like how to save money on maternity clothes? (hint: buy as few as you can); signs of a bad real estate agent (we are now very experienced); and is it bad parenting if you resist buying anything for forthcoming baby until the last possible moment (hope not!).

*Before you feel too sorry for him, we will hire movers.  Plus, even though we say I’m not going to so much as open a box, we also know that’s not true.  Who else will alphabetize my books?

Floor 35: Smoothies For Breakfast

Confession: I am not really into oatmeal for breakfast.  I like oatmeal.  For health and financial reasons, it would be nice to like eating it every day for breakfast.  But I don’t.  I think it’s the texture – I have mushiness issues.  I’m happy to have a bowl or two of oatmeal a week, but that is the limit.

As a result, other breakfast has to be arranged.  I like a fried egg with fried veggies.  Of course, a bowl of cereal is always an option.  But my standard go-to is a smoothie.  Ingredients usually include:

  • Frozen fruit from Costco.  The kind you get in a giant bag.  It’s good to be sure you like whatever you’re getting, because you’re going to eat a lot of it.  As I have learned form experience.
  • Coconut milk.
  • Boiling water.  This is weird, but I don’t like frozen smoothies for breakfast in the winter, when the apartment is cold when I wake up.  Adding some boiling water melts the frozen fruit, and means the whole thing will be room temperature (neither cold nor hot).
  • A banana.  Critical.  Makes it smooth and filing.
  • A handful of oats.  More filing that way.

Even if I’m going to also eat a bowl of cereal or a bagel, this makes me feel at least like I’m getting in some vitamins in the morning.

Of course, there’s also always bacon.

Dog DebtFreeJD on a bacon morning.

Dog DebtFreeJD on a bacon morning.




Article On Millenials

This article, called “Bad News for the Class of ’08,” makes for an interesting read.  It’s nothing I haven’t heard before, but it has a couple of anecdotes about folks who graduated right after the recession hit (as I did), and makes the point that when you graduate has a long-term impact on your wages, even after a recession has ended.  People who graduated in 2011-2013 are likely to making less than their slightly younger and slightly older counterparts even well after we’ve seen the last of the Great Recession.