Floor 17: Make My Own Bread

You already know that I make my own cappuccino.   I am here to confess that I also make my own bread.

Well, my own flat bread (focaccia, if we want to get fancy).  Making a loaf of bread involves shaping and more rising, and people have lots of opinions about how to do it.

By contrast, making focaccia:

  • does not involve shaping
  • is hard to get wrong, and
  • as far as I know, the N.Y. Times has never written a guilt-inducing article about how to do it right (if it has, don’t tell me . . . I’d rather remain in blissful ignorance)

Baking focaccia is incredibly easy – essentially, you mix some yeast, water, salt, olive oil, and flour together, let it rise for an hour, roll it flat, let it rise for another 30 minutes, and then stick it in a hot oven for about 20 minutes.

Here are the best parts about it:

  1. It’s cheap.
  2. It promotes eating lunch and dinner at home – cheap squared!
  3. It’s delicious.  I would post a picture of the focaccia I made last night, but either Dog DebtFreeJD or Mr. DebtFreeJD made it all disappear.
  4. The kneading.  You don’t have to knead – people have bread hooks, and things like that, but if you have never kneaded your own bread, I highly recommend it.  It smells great.  It’s stress relief.  The olive oil moisturizes your hands.  It’s real, has nothing to do with a computer screen, and produces something delicious.  In short, after a long day or week of lawyering, kneading is amazing.  And that concludes my ode to kneading.

Actually, I’m not done on kneading.  Law involves a lot of stuff that’s pretty divorced from the actual mechanics of living – we don’t get outside much, most of my day is spent in front of a computer, and while I spent a bunch of time on the telephone and in my email, there’s not a ton of face-to-face interaction with people.

Thus, in my down time, I try to spend as much time as possible being outside or otherwise as far away from my computer as possible.* Kneading fits the bill for me.  What does for you?

*The irony that I am posting this on my blog is not lost on me.


4 thoughts on “Floor 17: Make My Own Bread

  1. DebtFreeJD Post author

    Dog DebtFreeJD appreciates you clearing her name. (For context, Dog DebtFreeJD has in the past eaten a loaf of bread. She was a very happy dog that evening. Mr. DebtFreeJD, however, had to endure several hours of unbelief from his wife as to who the guilty party was).

  2. Cecilia@thesingledollar

    Wow. I am SUPER behind on my blog reading — been a busy couple of weeks for me and I see you have been busy as well. Cappuccino-making, bread-making, getting over 50% with your loan repayment….

    Congratulations!!!!! first of all. I remember that feeling of being so excited to make the payment and watch it finally clear my accounts. So much fun.

    I make my own bread too, although I usually make a whole-wheat loaf recipe I’ve been using for, oh my God, almost 20 years now, instead. But I do it for many of the reasons you cite. It’s delicious, I find kneading and the whole process relaxing, it makes the house smell great, it impresses the hell out of people when you bring a loaf to a potluck, it costs probably less than $1 a loaf when you add it all up (I should add it all up sometime, just to see).

    1. DebtFreeJD Post author

      Thanks, lady! I’m glad to hear that loan repayments become fun in retrospect, since right now they just seem incredibly, incredibly painful.

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