Floor 22: Set Rules for Grocery-Bill Reduction November

As discussed previously, Mr. DebtFreeJD and I aim to reduce the grocery bill for November.  We came up with some ground rules.  They are:

  • No eating out, unless we are specifically invited by friends.  In that case, suggest takeout pizza (from the world’s best pizza place) and beer.
  • No buying “frivolous” food/drink things for ourselves.  Only for the other person.  I.e., Mr. DebtFreeJD may buy me chocolate.  I may buy him a banana muffin.  But we may not buy those things for ourselves.
  • No wasting of food.  At all.  DogDebtFreeJD may be called to serve as an emergency garbage disposal if necessary.

I’m excited to have a new project for the upcoming month! Happily, Mr. DebtFreeJD tolerates my craziness.

And don’t worry, DogDebtFreeJD.  The kibble will continue in the same amounts as before.

Whew! Says DogDebtFreeJD.

Whew! Says DogDebtFreeJD.


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