Floor 23: Create Feeling of Abundance

While in graduate school, I lived mainly off rice and potatoes.  Literally, not figuratively.

Even though Mr. DebtFreeJD and I are trying to cut our grocery bill costs in November, I am absolutely not interested in returning to my graduate school days.  I spent some time thinking about how to feel like we were living an abundant life while spending less money on food.  Could we cut food costs and still feel like we were living in luxury?

I think the answer is absolutely yes.  I know it is possible because my father is a fabulous cook, and makes extravagantly delicious food, and yet spends very little per meal.  In a later post, I’ll share some advice he gave me on how to achieve the same results.  For the time being, I’ll just let you know about how this same attitude manifested in the DebtFreeJD household this weekend.

First, I organized the rest of our food storage – refrigerator, freezer, baking cabinet, and so forth.  (No before and after pictures here, as I figured you all were much better off not seeing “before” photos.)  Organization made it obvious how much food we have hanging around – i.e., a lot!

Second, we went on our monthly Costco run.  There is nothing to make a person feel wealthy quite like having 1.5 pounds of cheese and 4 pounds of bacon in the fridge.

Third, I know there is a time of day that I am most often tempted to buy food out.  Breakfast.  I love: take-out coffee, bagels, muffins . . . muffins . . . muffins . . . .  I’m often pressed for time in the mornings, and so the urge to reach for my credit card can be overwhelming if there’s nothing easy (and tasty) to eat in our home.  Considering this in advance, I made a 11 blueberry muffins, and 11 pumpkin muffins.  REGARDEZ!:

Bear with me, I am not a food blogger. For good reason.

Bear with me, I am not a food blogger. For good reason.

Those twenty-two muffins have been reduced to about 15 survivors post a full-scale invasion by Mr. DebtFree (full disclosure: I helped).  Nevertheless, that should be plenty to get me through the week . . . considering the huge amount of oatmeal cooked up by Mr. DebtFreeJD on Sunday night.  Plus the bacon.

Fourth, I washed our tablecloth, napkins, and placemats .  Having something nice to eat off of (in addition to something nice to eat) definitely contributes to a feeling of having more than enough at meal times.

Hopefully, we are now well-prepared for a week of frugal, yet luxurious eating!

6 thoughts on “Floor 23: Create Feeling of Abundance

  1. Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom

    I think you can absolutely spend less on food and still feel like you’re living a life of abundance. Personally our budget might be scraping the line right now. But I would suggest trying to cut down on food waste and shopping sales. Easy ways to save money and keep the quality of food you’re used to. Not sure how much you’d like to cut out of your budget.

  2. Mrs. DebtFreeJD Post author

    Thanks, Emily! I’m not sure how much less I’d like to spend either. I am definitely sure that I would like to waste much less – throwing away food always fills me with guilt, and I would like to do less of it!

  3. Cecilia@thesingledollar

    Yeah, I do REALLY badly with deprivation. I can eat a peanut butter sandwich for lunch a couple days a week in an emergency, but I resent it, and resentment if stacked up over too many days leads to buying croissants.

    My solution is to spend a bunch of the weekend cooking so I have packed lunches/breakfasts/snacks mostly ready to go, and to focus on meals that taste amazing but aren’t extravagant (this translates to: very little meat, focus on things like bacon that add a lot of punch with very little cost.)

    Making your own muffins: great! good luck!

  4. Mrs. DebtFreeJD Post author

    Very smart, Ceclia! I have a weakness for croissants myself. Bacon is the ultimate in terms of not much is needed to add lots of deliciousness and a feeling of luxury. Who could feel deprived while eating bacon?

    1. Mrs. DebtFreeJD Post author

      Ah, yes. The living at home. I did that for about 1.5 years post-law school — some of that time with Mr. DebtFreeJD and some of it without. Impossible to say which one was harder on our marriage. HOWEVER. You will pay back the loans. You will move out. Ladies will come flocking. I am sure of it.

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