Floor 24: Demand Verification of Paid-Off Loans

Recently, Mr. DebtFreeJD and I paid off two (of my three loans).  Both of the two were owned by the same servicer.

Being a lawyer is somewhat like being a doctor: you become very familiar with all the ways things can go wrong.  Catastrophically wrong.

A few years ago, a file came across my desk of a woman who claimed she had paid off her loans fifteen years earlier, her loans had been sold and repackaged, and the new owner was now pursuing her for repayment.  She didn’t have any proof that she had repaid her loans, but she was sure she had.

I have no idea whether this was true or not, but the mere possibility that it was FILLED ME WITH HORROR.

And thus, now that some of my loans have been paid, I demanded proof from my servicer.  Better safe than sorry?  Call me crazy, but I like having that letter in my file cabinet.


3 thoughts on “Floor 24: Demand Verification of Paid-Off Loans

  1. Cecilia@thesingledollar

    Oy. I demanded letters but mostly because I wanted to post them on my fridge 🙂 But also with this in the back of my mind. Once I don’t need them on my fridge anymore (in five years?) I’ll put them in a file and keep them forever.

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