Floor 26: An Ode to Water

I drink many things.  Coffee.  Tea.  Tea.  Tea.  Apple cider.  Beer.  Wine.  An occasional ginger ale.

But I don’t drink much water.  Not fancy enough.

Until this past week, when I got slammed by one of those awful late-fall colds that start when your heater first comes on, and makes you bitter and resentful about the entire idea of winter.  One of those colds that makes everything you eat and drink taste absolutely awful . . . .

. . . except good ol’ H2O.

Why don’t I drink this stuff all the time?  Tastes good.  Easy.  Free.

Dog DebtFreeJD agrees.  It’s all she drinks, too.


2 thoughts on “Floor 26: An Ode to Water

  1. Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom

    I drink lots of other stuff too, but I love me a tall glass of water. Sometimes my husband brings me water with ice and a straw when I’m watching TV (started when I was pregnant and even water would make me sick if it wasn’t ice cold, keeps going because he’s awesome and spoils me)

  2. Mrs. DebtFreeJD Post author

    Sounds like we both did a good job picking our spouses. I absolutely refuse to get out of bed once I’m in it at night, so Mr. DebtFreeJD delivers water, tea, and back rubs.

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