Floor 29: Go on a Cheap Tropical Vacation

Posting has been a bit slow around here lately.  Let’s just say life was happening in the Debt Free JD household, and blogging (among other things) fell by the wayside for a bit.  However, I’m back in the saddle.

It is January in New England (home to Household DebtFreeJD).  Which means it’s very cold and spring is nowhere near.  Around this time of year, I start saying things to Mr. Debt Free JD like “Why haven’t we considered moving to Florida?”*

Obviously, what I’d really like to do is go on a tropical vacation.  However, that’s out for a variety of reasons.  #1, that’s contrary to loan repayment.  #2, there’s no way I could take a week or two off work now to travel to the Bahamas.  #3, any vacation without Dog Debt Free JD is subpar.  #4, I don’t actually really think I’d enjoy a tropical resort all that much.

In lieu of traveling to palm beaches, while I was living in Boston I starting doing a mini-tropical-vacation-in-my-own-apartment.  It’s designed to last about half an hour, and it really does take your mind off winter for a bit.   It involves:

  • The right food and drink.
Obviously, my photography skills have not improved in during my blog vacation.

Obviously, my photography skills have not improved in during my blog vacation.

That is, in case you are wondering, is sliced kiwi and a mango-coconut milk smoothie.

  • The appropriate music.  I play what claims to be “traditional Hawaii music” from You Tube.
  • A toasty apartment.  Our apartment is usually set at an economical — but chilly — 65 degrees.  During my “Escape from Winter” break, I turn it up to a decadent 70.
  • The humidifier turned on “high.”  Or I leave the shower running with the door open for about ten minutes.

And hey, presto, temporary summer.  I know it sounds cheezy, but it’s a very cheap way to take a short break from winter.

*His response is “You always claim you couldn’t live without seasons.”  Alas, he’s right.  But I forget that during January and February.


4 thoughts on “Floor 29: Go on a Cheap Tropical Vacation

  1. C@thesingledollar

    So glad to see you back! I just bought a plane ticket for a real tropical vacation (a cheap one since my housing and many meals will be taken care of) but I may have to try this out to tide me over til March. 🙂

  2. Liz

    Glad your back! I hear you one new england winters, especially this week. When my family lived in CA visiting them over the holidays would give me a nice break from the cold, but they moved and I’ve now been cold for months….fingers crossed Phil the groundhog doesn’t see six more weeks of winter tomorrow.

    1. Mrs. DebtFreeJD Post author

      I wish I had relatives that lived in California! (Or Texas, or Arizona . . . ) Up here, it’s clear that no matter what happens with the ground hog, winter will continue for a while.

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