Floor 34: The Winter The Car Fell Apart

Here is why you need some kind of emergency fund, even if it’s not a big one:

Sometimes you pay about a bazillion dollars in car expenses over the course of four months.

OK, this is really just a gripe, but so far this winter:

  • The alternator blew, taking out the battery and a belt.  Or the battery died dramatically, killing the alternator and the belt.  Or the belt . . . you get the point.  That was expensive.
  • Driving down a two-way street that had become one-way due to poor plowing, I completed the job I started three years ago, and completely knocked off the passenger-side mirror.  (It had been wobbly for years; Mr. DebtFreeJD was glad I finally agreed to cough up the money to fix it).
  • The car got recalled.  Twice.  At least now our steering wheel airbag should deploy in a crash?  That was free, but whatever, I’m adding it to the list because it’s my list.
  • And the latest.  For totally inexplicable reasons, the rear bumper is peeling away from the car on the left-hand side.  We don’t yet know the $ damage on this one, but it sure looks expensive to me.


At least we only have one car.


8 thoughts on “Floor 34: The Winter The Car Fell Apart

    1. Mrs. DebtFreeJD Post author

      Yes, my first thought when I looked at it was “is there any way someone side swiped us and caused this? (And so insurance would pay?)” To my undertrained eye, no, but we will ask the mechanic.

  1. Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom

    We had the alternator/battery/belt think happen on our old car in the fall. So far this winter it’s been our blower fan that keeps dying (it’s been replaced under warranty 3 or 4 times). Oh and we tried to swap our battery with the old car to fix it. it didn’t work and we swapped back. But we haven’t reset the display, so I have to guess where the air is blowing and there’s no music in the car anymore.

    arg. At least we only have one car.

  2. C@thesingledollar

    ugh, that sounds awful. I really resent car repairs! I feel like I bought the thing once and it ought to just work, with regular maintenance like oil changes, until I’m done with it. 🙂

  3. ARBM

    This is probably a totally random connection, but reading this article and comments made me thing of that Nissan commercial that is on TV these days where the snowmen are attacking cars…

    Anyway… Sorry to hear about your car troubles. A car maintenance and repair fund is important to have. My fiance’s car is going to need new tires soon, so I am trying to get us to start a car “fund”.

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