Step 5: Reduce Car Insurance

We have a car, but we don’t use it much.  This is good, because it means we don’t spend much money on gas or maintenance.  Still, our car insurance seems awfully high.  How to get it lower?

  1. I called up my car insurance agent, and asked for a lower rate.  Bingo.  Saved $70.
  2. I noticed my car insurance offers a discount program for drivers that put less than 13,000 in mileage on their cars each year.  I think we count.  I called up.  They’ll send us this weird Big-Brother-Orwellian-tracker.  Immediate discount of 10%.  Discount of 30% at the renewal period.

Overall, we’ll save about $150 over the next six months just for asking.  Neat.

In other news, we’re at the start of a new month.  How’s debt repayment going?

Pretty good.  Here’s the total:

Starting debt: $125,933.50.  Current debt: $94,250.88.  Debt paid off: $31,682.62.  Not too shabby for one month.


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