Law School Tuition

This morning I read a 2012 article called “The Crisis of the American Law School” by Paul Campos, a famous critic of the way law schools are currently run.

Just a quick snippet from the article to think about.  Here’s how tuition has increased at Harvard Law School since 1971 (in inflation-adjusted dollars):

1971: $12,386

1981: $15,862

1991: $27,207

2001: $35,817

2012: $50,880

Put another way, I graduated in 2011, owing about $150,000.  If I had graduated only ten years earlier, I would have owed $107,451 in tuition – $50,000 less!!!  Not only would I be done paying off my loans, I’d have another $50,000 in the bank.  Certainly something to think about.

2 thoughts on “Law School Tuition

  1. Henry

    It would be interesting to see the corresponding starting salaries at your (or comparable) firms for the specified years as well as the interest rates for federal student loans. It’s not necessarily as clear cut (i.e. having $50,000 in the bank) but I know the feeling. I graduated in 2009. Tuition plus crazy 8%+ interest rates on PLUS loans made it difficult to pay down my loans. I look at this list with envy at the tuition for 1971-2001. Le sigh. :/

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