Floor 40: Move Into a House

Mr. DebtFreeJD and I have moved!  The process was long and involved, but we installed ourselves in our new home over the weekend.

Because I am enormously pregnant, the moving process was perhaps not as frugal as it could have been.  For starters, we bought a house that required almost no work.  Tackling major house renovations with a new baby (or right before a new baby) was out.  On a much smaller scale, we had to hire movers – I most certainly was not lifting furniture.  However, thanks to help from our wonderful families, the packing got done without paid assistance.

On the other hand, the move itself should (hopefully) be financially beneficial.  We bought a relatively small house, well within our budget.  Principal, mortgage, and interest payments are less than we were paying each month in rent.  The mortgage deduction should be a nice tax break.  And I’m looking forward to gardening, bicycling, composting, and other money-saving activities that are a little easier to accomplish in a suburban – rather than urban – environment.

Now, of course, we have weeks of unpacking and organizing to do.  I simply do not understand how we managed to acquire SO MUCH STUFF – even though Mr. DebtFreeJD and I are not big shoppers.  It’s a good reminder: most things that I buy, even though they seem totally reasonable at the time, end up not getting used.  I’m not ready to start throwing things out, but I’m also certainly not in a hurry to bring anything else in after moving it all.  One-for-one replacements only for a while (except, of course, for baby things).

Lastly, no report on the move would be complete without an accounting of DogDebtFreeJD.  Her first activity was to dig a giant hole and bury her rawhide in the back yard.  Her second was extensive surveillance on the neighborhood from the front door.  In sum, she is pleased.


4 thoughts on “Floor 40: Move Into a House

  1. Judi

    Congratulations! Nothing like a move to let you know how rich in love you are, what a wonderful thing that your family could help you pack. Buying a house was the best thing we’ve ever done for saving, you no longer have to worry about moving because of increased in rent, or paying a pet deposit, and with the tax deductions it’s almost a wash out with the costs of renting vs owning. Plus im glad dog debt free had a yard for rawhide storage!

  2. C@thesingledollar

    Congratulations! Moving is exhausting always, but I can’t even imagine doing it enormously pregnant. I’m glad it all went pretty smoothly 🙂

    I’d be curious what you found while packing that you don’t use. Sounds like a good topic for a post sometime….

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