May Debt Payoff Progress

Well, consider the clock restarted.  Mr. DebtFreeJD and I were once again able to make a big payment towards loans after moving into the new house.

Here’s the tally for May (and April, March, and February, but very little happened in those months due to the house purchase):

Starting Debt: $125,933.50

Current Debt: $19,393.40

Debt Paid Off: $106,540.10

Progress, progress!

2 thoughts on “May Debt Payoff Progress

  1. Judi

    Even though it’s not your usual speed of debt pay off I’m amazed at the amount you were able to pay off in that time. Great job! With the new house and baby coming soon this progress is wonderful! You’re past the 100k pay off and so close to being done!

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