Floor 41: Inexpensive Pregnancy Foot Care

I’m nine months pregnant.  Among other delightful things, my feet are usually swollen to about twice their normal size by the end of the day.  They also hurt, since I’m thirty pounds heavier than usual.

There’s really nothing that makes them stop swelling except getting a good night’s rest.  I prop them up on a box under my desk at work, and try to elevate them when I’m home, but on days when work is figuratively hopping . . . and I’m literally hopping . . . ballon feet are inevitable.

A cheap, but highly effective, means of making them feel better is epsom salts.  I was drawing a bath and adding the epsom salts, but it’s too hot to enjoy soaking in a warm tub any more.   A foot bath is more comfortable in mid-June, and the feet feel pretty good.

You can even dump the water in your garden afterwards. to fertilize your plants.

I don’t know why I find it extra satisfying to have a cheap way to soak my feet that ends up watering the plants.  But I do.  And I take what satisfaction I can get at 37 weeks pregnant!


One thought on “Floor 41: Inexpensive Pregnancy Foot Care

  1. Judi

    Although I have no experience with pregnancy I’ve heard it can be uncomfortable so I’m glad you’ve found a small relief!
    I like to look for small indulgences while I’m paying down debt just to make me feel like I’m not depriving myself. I always look for cheap foods that I love/can make or experiences. I find it really satisfying to give myself a pedicure, or to take a nice quiet hike away from everything.

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