Floor 42: Costco!

Mr. DebtFreeJD and I love Costco with the zeal of the newly-converted.  The samples!  The churros after the checkout lanes!  The huge amounts of food! Every time we go to Costco, I am stunned once more by how much food there is, and how cheap it is.

Our Costco strategy is simple: we walk methodically through each of the food aisles (skipping the TV, clothes, and other assorted junk from China aisles), and try to buy only what we will actually eat.  Obviously, buying food in bulk is pointless unless you actually consume it.  For us, that includes:

  • Maple syrup.  We eat pancakes every Sunday, and probably make up the cost of our membership on savings through buying Kirkland-brand grade A maple syrup alone.
  •  Peanut butter.  DogDebtFreeJD = a little spoiled.*  We eat the peanut butter too, of course, but a lot of it goes into DogDebtFreeJD.
  • Coffee.  We are not coffee snobs.  In fact, we can’t tell the difference between the “good” stuff and the “not-so-good” stuff.  My absolute favorite brew of coffee is Dunkin’ Doughnuts Hazelnut with cream, drunk while answering emails first thing in the morning or driving to work.**  Failing that, Costco coffee is just fine.
  • Avocados.  E.g., proto-guacamole.
  • Beer.  Enough said.  Cheese.  Same.  Chocolate.  Same.  Just kidding.  We don’t buy Costco-sized sweets.  I want to return to my pre-pregnancy weight, and buying all new pants for Mr. DebtFreeJD would not be cost-effective.
  • Fresh blueberries, raspberries, grapes, etc. etc.  Even though I’m no longer pregnant, the fruit cravings have not decreased.
  • Frozen fruit for smoothies.
  • Frozen shrimp/salmon.  For when we are feeling like cooking an adult dinner.
  • Frozen veggie buggers.  For when we are not feeling like cooking an adult dinner.

Recently, I have been contemplating whether to buy an Executive Membership.  Annual cost is $110, as opposed to the $55 cost of a regular membership.  The Executive Membership comes with 2% cash back, meaning we’d have to spend $2,750 annually, or $230 monthly to be worth it.

In the past, we haven’t spent that much.  However, now we will.  Because DIAPERS.


DogDebtFreeJD and BabyDebtFreeJD meet each other!

* Any spoiling is due to the fact that she is the most wonderful dog on the planet.  (No offense to you other dog owners out there).

**When I was still driving to work.  No more!

4 thoughts on “Floor 42: Costco!

  1. Judi

    Thanks for posting the picture of dogdebtfreejd meeting babydebtfreejd! I bet as babydebtfreejd starts to crawl and explore after a few months they’ll be best friends (I’m obviously in the dogdebtfreejd fan club).
    We frequent Costco for food, furniture and cleaning products. My is husband likes the quality guarantee return policy. Unfortunately our state has very rigid liquor laws and our Costco can’t carry beer or wine otherwise we would stock up on that as well.

    1. Mrs. DebtFreeJD Post author

      Bummer on the rigid liquor laws – maybe next time you are traveling out of state near a Costco? Sounds nutty, but the Costco liquor prices are SO good around here!

  2. Emily

    Congratulations on the new addition! I love the photo of DogDebtFreeJD and BabyDebtFreeJD interacting, more of that please 🙂

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