July Debt Payment Progress

DebtFreeJD . . . is now DEBT FREE on the JD!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting Debt: $125,933.50

Current Debt: $0.00

Debt Paid Off: $125,933.50

14 thoughts on “July Debt Payment Progress

  1. Judi

    Congratulations! This is just going to be one of the goals you guys achieve together as a family! Any plans to celebrate? I’m sure dog debtfreejd would like a celebratory treat for all of the sacrifices along the way 😉

    1. julie

      Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wish I could alleviate my 86k loan . I went on to graduate school to be able to get a fulltime job . So depressed I live at home at age 41 and cant find fulltime employment. Cant apply out of state because cant even afford to move .I know steps to take just need fulltime job first 🙁

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  3. Joseph Beckenbach

    Well done!! Becoming debtless “aside from mortgage” feels good, and “no debts at all” betters it soundly. My household’s been wholly debt-free the past nine years, and the extra flexibility that grants continues to astound and please me.

    While starting in on the mortgage, you might consider “financial independence” as a future goal. (You made such great progress on the student loans, you probably will want some goal for when you kill off the mortgage in a few years.) Crudely put, invest to throw off enough immediate income to live off of, paring down expenses to focus them on what matters most to you. See Mister Money Mustache http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/ for what that can look like. (MMM is very colorful, opinionated, clear-headed, and thought-provoking. His site induces chronic “my god I’m laughing so hard and where has the time gone” syndrome. You have been warned.)

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