Floor 47: Return to Work

Here is the thing about going back to work as a lawyer with a baby.




I mean, so is the rest of life, so you kind of just have to suck it up, but still.  We didn’t get one of those magical unicorn babies who sleep through the night at 2 months.  Or 4 months.  Or now.  My job is trying to be good, but being a litigator at law firm just involves a lot of crazy.  So I am very very tired, and there are always work emails.  That’s really the sum of my complaints these days.  Not enough sleep.  Too many emails.

Thank goodness for Mr. DebtFreeJD, who is holding us all together.  And DogDebtFreeJD, of course.  The family that gets licked by the world’s best dog together, stays together.


One thought on “Floor 47: Return to Work

  1. Judi

    The freedom to choose your own path is the best reason to get out of debt! You have always spoken about how much you enjoy your job, and now that you’ve reached a new life chapter I’m certain you will find another job that you love just as much.

    I think this is also a topic that needs more discussion in a public forum. I don’t know if there is a single job for a person, or if there are jobs for the seasons of life. I guess at the heart of it we are all individuals and should listen to our own volition. Good luck with your search in the new year! My jd husband just started a new job at a nonprofit providing legal representation to people with disabilities, we could have never made the pay cut with the jd debt looming above us.

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