Floor 49: Saving for Retirement

Floor 48: Saving For College

Floor 47: Return to Work

Floor 46: How to Know If You’re Doing it Right

Floor 45: No Fancy Bar Trip

Floor 44: Breastfeeding?

Floor 43: Create Options

Floor 42: Costco

Floor 41: Inexpensive Pregnancy Foot Care

Floor 40: Move Into a House

Floor 39: Roast a Chicken

Floor 38: Make Plans for the Future

Floor 37: Pick Out a House

Floor 36: Hit the Pause Button

Floor 35: Smoothies For Breakfast

Floor 34: The Winter the Car Fell Apart

Floor 33: The Free Lunch

Floor 32: Make Cheap Food Delicious

Floor 31: Decide Your Commitment to Paying Off Debt 

Floor 30: No Car Commute.

Floor 29: Go on a Tropical Vacation

Floor 28: Accidentally Buy a Really Nice Bike.

Floor 27: Acknowledge Abject Failure.  Move On.

Floor 26: An Ode to Water.

Floor 25: Refinance with Sofi

Floor 24: Demand Verification of Paid-Off Loans

Floor 23: Create Feeling of Abundance

Floor 22: Set Rules for Grocery-Bill Reduction November

Floor 21: Tackle Food Closet of Doom

Floor 20: Refinance Loans?

Floor 19: Consider How You Got Into Debt

Floor 18: Determine Size of Emergency Fund

Floor 17: Make My Own Bread

Floor 16: Decide What is Worthwhile to Blow $ On

Floor 15: Saturday Morning Cappuccino

Floor 14: Declare Independence

Floor 13: Set Goal For % of Income to Spend on Debt Repayment

Floor 12: Take a Walk During Lunch

Floor 11: Get a Bike and Ride It

Floor 10: Drink Less Booze

Floor 9: Zen and the Art of Debt Repayment

Floor 8: Reduce Clothes Buying

Floor 7: Reduce Dry Cleaning Costs

Floor 6: Reduce Entertainment Costs

Floor 5: Reduce Car Insurance

Floor 4: Do Not Spend Much Money When Work Gets Crazy

Floor 3: Consolidate Finances

Floor 2: Throw Money at the Problem

Floor 1: Identify the Problem

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